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Car rental insurance policy

Eurocars car rentals in Crete, provides rates that always include these insurance coverages that make every customer feel safe and calm for renting and driving a car in Crete:

Fully Comprehensive insurance
(FCI)  without any excess fee:

- Covers all material damages caused to the rental car during the rental period and  reduces the customer's financial responsibility  to 0.00 Euro.

Third-party insurance

- Covering material damages and bodily injuries against thirds up to 750.000 Euro.

Theft Liability Waiver (TLW) and Fire Insurance without excess fee.

Glass breakage insurance without excess fee.

Passenger accident insurance (PAI) covering the passengers against bodily injuries up to 750.000 Euro.

Driver's accident insurance covering the drivers against bodily injuries up to 17.500 Euro.

Tires Wheels and underbody insurance covering all damages to tires wheels and undrbody of the rental car.

Roadside assistance all over Crete

Eurocars offers road service all over Crete with Interamerican. We are the top Car Rental Company in Crete and we cooperate with the best.

Interamerican currently runs 14 stations in Crete, working 24 hrs. This way road assistance is ensured even for the most secluded places on the island within max. 2 hrs.

Car Rental terms and conditions

  • Each driver must be at least 21 years of age and hold a valid driving license for cars that was issued at least one year before the first day of the rental period.
  • The rentee is obliged to handle the vehicle with care, to examine the condition of the engine, and with longer rental durations also to check on the engine coolant, the oil level and the tyre pressure.


Traffic fines
e.g. for disregarding traffic signs, excessive speed, parking in prohibited areas etc. are to be paid by the rentee.

The rental car must not be used for:

  • transportation of passengers or objects for fare,
  • towing away or hauling other vehicles or objects,
  • staging of car races generally,
  • rent or lent to third parties,
  • transportation of heavy luggage above the load limit,
  • transportation of inflammable, contaminating or odorous materials or drugs, and
  • as a means to act against customs regulations, traffic rules or other legal provisions.

Any person acting contrary to these regulations is held liable entirely and together with the rentee or the authorized driver.

The rental car to other islands or to the mainland is not permitted due to insurance terms.

Key Service

In case of losses of or damages to the car key, or if it has been locked in the car, a minimum fee of 70.00 Euro will be levied, depending on the type of key and on the distance to our nearest service co-operator.


The car insurance only covers damages which occur during normal, agreed-upon use of the vehicle. They will therefore not pay if:

  • the rentee or the authorized driver is driving under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, drugs, or other medication influencing the driver's capability of driving or his senses,
  • the rentee, the authorized driver or a passenger deliberately inflicts damage or destroys the vehicle (vandalism),
  • anyone else than the persons who are listed in the rental agreement drives the vehicle, or
  • the rental contract expired and the vehicle has not been returned to the renter.

Furthermore, the insurance does not cover damages to tires or underneath parts if they result from malicious or grossly negligent actions e.g offroad use, curbstone crash etc.

EUROCARS - Value for money car rental in Crete, Greece!

NO Hidden Costs

  • Full car insurance
  • NO excess fees..!
  • Car Fire & Theft insurance
  • Price includes all taxes

Quality Customer Care

  • Baby seats (on request)
  • Car Delivery & Collection
  • Free cretan Road Map
  • 24/7 Road Assistance

Additional Services

  • Airport delivery & Parking /free
  • Unlimited - Free kilometers
  • GPS Navigator upon request
  • Broken glass & mirrors included


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