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The greatest road in the world is in Crete

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A Malaysian man led drove new Porsche Cayene in Crete, saying he was impressed and very fortunate to be given the opportunity to drive to the streets of our island.

Boby travels a lot. It was not his first time to Crete. He really likes this place and he drove also a lot around the island at the past.

"It's the best part of the world for driving. Beautiful roads, amazing landscapes and few cars even a summer day, "he says.

"Many of us dreamed of driving in Stelvio Pass or some of the more famous roads around the world. But no one ever has mentioned Crete. Well courtesy of Porsche, I'm lucky enough to have driven there, and I must say, this is the greatest place on earth to drive. Beautiful roads, wonderful scenery, and very very very few cars, even on a supposedly busy weekday."

Malaysian Bobby Ang is testing new cars around the world for various websites related to the object.

Eurocars will suggest him to rent a car in Crete from our excelent fleet, next time!
He may knows that we are the really reliable car rental company in Crete!

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