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The climate in Crete is considered one of the finest, healthiest and livelier in Europe. Good weather makes this island an ideal place for children and families.

Crete is crossed by two climatic zones, the Mediterranean, in the north, and North African, in the south. The temperature of the sea does not drop below 15 degrees in the winter, especially in the south.

Winter is mild, spring and autumn are sweet and really pleasant, summer is warm and shinny with a few cool days in August.




Locals and visitors feel that they are truly safe in Crete and this is an important factor in choosing it as a family destination. Very low rates of crime and offending behavior ensure the calm of family vacations.

A very important fact that should not be ignored specifically for families is that there are no dangerous animals on the island. In fact, the Cretans attributed the lack of mammals (bears, wolves, jackals) and poisonous snakes to a feat of Hercules, who wanted to honor the birthplace of Zeus, by stamping out every "harmful" and "poisonous" animals have lived there! The same happens in the sea, as swimming in the beaches of Crete, like the whole of the Mediterranean Sea, is absolutely safe.

This sense of safety is also reinforced by the fact that in Crete there are very organized and highly qualified health units that offer their services on a 24-hour basis. In all major cities there are hospitals, health centers and agricultural clinics that cover the basic needs of health care.


Museums & Sightseeing for Kids


The island is full of museums and collections and could offer many tours to our little friends. There are also scientific activities open to children, such as a guided tour (a few days a year) of visitors to the Observatory of Skinakas where children can observe stars from the large telescope.

One of the places that children should visit is the Museum of Natural History of Crete, in which the mysteries of nature are presented in a very beautiful way for them. The museum exhibits samples of animals and plants from the Eastern Mediterranean, among them a dummy of the giant Dinetherios who lived in Crete many centuries ago. In the specially designed Survey Stand, children discover fossils in the sand, ‘’camping’’ in the countryside, sail a caique and know the Mediterranean ecosystems. There is also an interesting earthquake simulator in the museum, plus exhibitions of dinosaurs for some weeks every year, bright mysteries, and more.

Another place for children is the Aquarium of Crete – ‘’Thalassokosmos’’ in Gournes, one of the largest and most modern of Europe. They observe hundreds of species from the Mediterranean in 60 large tanks, with the backdrop of submarine landscapes of the Cretan seabed and impressed by sharks. Near the tanks, children can touch and get to know various marine animals and ecosystems, and there are microscopes and stereoscopes for observing various species. Near the aquarium there is a private exhibition of dinosaur dummies.

In Chania, families can visit the Botanical Park of Crete, which hosts hundreds of varieties of fruit trees, herbs, spices, medicinal and ornamental plants. The internal path within the modulated path takes about two hours to walk in and there is a lake with aquatic animals along the way.


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