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A Unique Route in Rethymnon Inland

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It will be our pleasure to help you find a car to rent in Rethymno region. Meet Eurocars - The Most Reliable Car Rental Company in Crete. The route starts from Panormo, where you can have a refreshing swim in one of the two beaches of the village or alternatively, visit the Great Basilica of the 6th century in the square of the village.
Then if you like, make a detour to visit Melidoni and the impressive Melidoni Cave, also known as Gerontospilios, meaning "The Old Cave". It is a monument of natural beauty, a tortures place during the Turkish rule and worship place from late Neolithic period to Roman times.

Near the Sea

You take the way back to Panormo and cross the valley of Kato Mylopotamos after the village Garazo, on the northern slope of the mountain. Your next stop can be in Axos village, in a valley north of Psiloritis. Axos was built on the ruins of an important ancient city of Crete. In the surrounding area and the village, there are ruins of several Byzantine churches, while in the center is a public medieval fountain that is still used.
Then you ascend the south to visit the Cave of in Zoniana, one of the most impressive caves in Crete and throughout Greece. It is a truly spectacular cave with rich stalactite and stalagmite area of approximately 3,000 square meters.

Mountain Views

Get yourself comfortable in your car. Our favorite Crete rent-a-car company is there for you. Also a guided tour is conducted in the cave; its chambers have rich, impressive decoration of stalactites and stalagmites, a spectacular sight.
After Zoniana, return back to the main road and continue for Anogia, a historic village. Due to the geographical isolation of their region, the Anogians maintained their traditional costumes, traditions, customs and dialect of their ancestors.
They still use ancient Greek words in everyday speech, and their accent is really characteristic. In recent decades, Anogia became a well-known tourist destination in Rethymnon and one of the largest handicraft centers in Crete. Many workshops are open to the public and you can watch various traditional activities such as weaving on the loom, etc. Intense is the musical tradition of the place, since many of the folk artists of Crete have origin from Anogia.

Zeus' Home Place

If you follow the road leading from the village to the south, you will see Zominthos, where a Minoan settlement is excavated. Returning to Petradolakia and continuing southwest, a few hundred meters later, you will see the Oropedio of Nida. Nida Plateau is a starting point of many hikes for nature lovers in Rethymnon and Crete.
The famous cave of Ideon Andron was, according to the Greek Mythology, the place where Zeus was born and grew up. Historically, it is proved that it was a worship place during Minoan and early Hellenistic times.
At the end of this route, there is no doubt that the magic of the wild beauty of Psiloritis will remain etched in your memory for ever. You are now ready to return your car in Eurocars, the best company for you to rent car in Crete.

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